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Sitting Meditation


your Guided Meditation Experience

Woman Sitting on Roof

High Quality

Every guided meditation was created with my voice and an added echo to help usher you into your own zen zone. I wanted to create each track with a voice that women who looked like me could connect with as well. I believe when you can relate, it helps you to release.


Easy Downloadable

Includes 5 different MP3 Guided Meditation Tracks that can be downloaded to your computer, tablet or smart phone. Having the ability to listen to these meditations no matter where you are.

TRACK 1: Relaxation

TRACK 2: Morning Joy & Productivity

TRACK 3: Loving Kindness

TRACK 4: Breath Work & Chill

TRACK 5: Morning Gratitude

Longer Healthier

Self Care is a tool and these guided meditations are meant to be a practice that you can integrate into your days in hopes that they give you the peace, calm, joy, focus, and love to guide you into that soft life you so deserve. 

Original Beats
and Sounds

The background sounds and beats in each guided meditation were custom made by my music to producer to give a unique wellness chill out vibe & feel that's different than the average meditations that include spa and or nature sounds.



I'm Candice Denise

  • Self Care Advocate + Speaker

  • Creator of (The Zen Crowd)  Guided Meditation Playlist: Vol. 1

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Here's a quick snippet of me listening to one of the
guided tracks for my own meditation session. 
Electronic Gadgets

Guided Meditation 
with a VIBE

Once you fill in your name and email below, you will receive an email with the purchase details. Once you place your order, your 5 guided meditation tracks will instantly be sent to you via email, to the email you enter below. I



"I have listened to these tracks over and over. The production, the voice, the echo in it, is all amazing. I felt so at peace listening to these tracks and will continue to do! I actually plan to buy another for my sister.

Takesha H.

Dancing with Headphones
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